don elmi

Don Elmi was born in Beloit, Wisconsin in 1930, and after his tour of duty in the United States Navy he moved to Chicago in 1954 to launch his career in the art/advertising business.

He served his apprenticeship at a top commercial art studio, where he was able to work with some of the best artists of his era. That was his break to become an accomplished cartoonist and design illustrator.

In the early ‘60s, Don went on his own and established a name for himself, freelancing for ad agencies and art studios in this very competitive city.

He is still available to bring his talent and experience to cartoons, design illustrations and caricatures for advertising and marketing projects.

Today, Don has turned into quite a unique painter. His subject matter is Chicago’s landmarks, such as the Water Tower, restaurants, bars, stores, office buildings, homes and the city skyline.

Don is way beyond today’s technology. He no longer has email, fax or cell phone. Now you can communicate with him by dialing 312.527.2758.

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